Without caring mentors, positive youth development just doesn’t happen. At The First Tee, we take coaching seriously. We believe that a meaningful, quality relationship between coach and participant is vital to our program. “Young people don’t care what a coach knows until they know a coach cares.”


Nationwide, we currently have more than 3,700 coaches signed up with The First Tee, including PGA and LPGA pros, as well as volunteers. But you don’t have to be a golf pro or even a good golfer. With The First Tee Coach Program, we provide the training you need. Developed with input from leading experts in the field of positive youth development, our program focuses on empowering participants through decision-making and exploring options. This helps foster positive relationships between coaches and young people, inspiring the golfers of tomorrow to look to the future, set goals, and unlock their potential.


We need more than coaches to make The First Tee possible. We rely on volunteers — sometimes year round — to accomplish our mission, and not all of those goals involve golf; we need support off the course as well. Opportunities include:
  • Fundraising/Events
  • Operations/Administration
  • Mentoring/Tutoring
  • In-school programming
By contributing your time and talent, you can directly make an impact in a young person’s life.


Contact us to find out how to get involved as a coach. You must complete an application and screening process, which may include an interview about your skills and interests, a criminal background check, and character references. You will also receive training about your volunteer or coaching role, behavioral expectations, and child protection. No matter what your golf skill level, or even if you have none at all, The First Tee of Brunswick County needs your help! Lead Coaches
  • Must possess organization and communication skills, knowledge and love of the game, and a desire to positively impact the lives of our area’s youth.
  • Approximate Time Commitment
  • Approximately 5-6 hours per week for 12 weeks
  • 1½ hours = physical programming
  • 1½ hours = set-up & break-down
  • 1 hour = creating lesson plans
  • 1 hour = travel time
  • 1 hour = communications
  • Creating, implementing, and executing lesson plans
  • Communications throughout the cycle with his or her class participants and parents/guardians.
  • Attend and assist with Coach Workshops
  Assistant Coaches
  • Must possess organization and communication skills, knowledge and love of the game, and a desire to positively impact the lives of our area’s youth.
  • Time Commitment
  • Approximately 3 hours per week for 12 weeks
  • 1½ hours = physical programming
  • ½ hour reviewing lesson plan
  • 1 hour = travel time
  •  Assist in the delivery and execution of lesson plans.
  • Attend and participate in Coach Workshops
  • Make themselves available for planning sessions as determined by the Lead Coach
Substitute Coaches: As many of our volunteers are retirees, there is a need for substitute coaches.  These volunteers would share the same time commitment and duties as an assistant coach.  The ideal volunteer would be flexible in attending different level programs and work under the direction of the Lead Coach as designated for that day of programming. Registration Team Members
  • Time Commitment
  • 4-6 hours per week, ongoing
  • Returning phone calls and e-mails inquiries to new participants.
  • Volunteer from home!
  • Phone and internet communication skills a must
  • Will work directly with the Executive Director
Park Rangers
  • Friday night “Golf Park” chaperones at Cinghiale Creek
  • Time commitment; 3½  hours per week, for 12 weeks
  • 1½  hours of “Golf Park”
  • ½ hour of set-up
  • ½ hour of clean-up
  • 1 hour of travel time
  • Duties
  • Set-up of various stations
  • Clean-up of various stations
  • Ensure the safety of the golf park participants
  • Assist golfers in learning the game
Club Repair & Storage Team:
  • Must have own equipment
  • Prior experience in club repair is a plus.
  • Time commitment:
  • As demanded, approximately 1-2 hours per week during programming
  • 3-5 hours per week at the beginning of each cycle to distribute clubs to participants.
  • Organizing golf equipment donations
  • Fitting aforementioned clubs to our participants for use
The Clean Team:
  • The clean team would be responsible for light “house-keeping” type duties at our home facility, The Golf Club at Cinghiale Creek.
  • Duties would include weekly cleanings of the facility including the rest-room and locker rooms, dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, and trash detail.
  • A clean facility leads to happy participants and volunteers.
Other: To volunteers, please click the link below to fill out a Volunteer Application. Thanks, we look forward to working with you.