Golf is unique from other sports because players learn values like honesty and responsibility by calling penalties on themselves and reporting their own score. The sport is a perfect platform for helping young people develop character because just like in life, players experience the highs and lows of the game.


The First Tee - Coastal Carolinas offers programs and instruction which focus on developing life skills using the game of golf as its vehicle.


8 week session cost is $60.  If your child needs clubs, please email Coach [email protected]

Program Days & Locations

Day of Week Ages Location Time
Monday 7-9 Minnessot 4:30-6:00
Monday 10-11 Minnessot 4:30-6:00
Monday 12-13 Minnessot 4:30-6:00
Tuesday 10-11 The Emerald 4:30-6:00
Tuesday 12-13 The Emerald 4:30-6:00
Tuesday 14+ The Emerald 4:30-6:00
Wednesday 7-9 Carolina Colours 4:30-6:00
Wednesday 10-11 Carolina Colours 4:30-6:00
Thursday 7-9 The Emerald 4:30-6:00

Spring Registration Will Open Soon!

7-9 Age Level Classes This is the introductory level of The First Tee Life Skills Experience for children ages 7-9 years old.   This level teaches participants how to play the game of golf with special emphasis on learning golf, The First Tee Code of Conduct, and The First Tee Nine Core Values™.  These interpersonal and self-management skills will help out participants develop much more than their golf games.

10-11 Age Level Classes This Level introduces participants to life skills that will help them both on and off the golf course.  The main focus of this level is to assist participants in acquiring several self-management techniques and interpersonal skills that will help them in managing their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in order to perform at their best both on and off the golf course.

12-13 Age Level Classes Of all of the life skills addressed in The First Tee Life Skills Experience, goal-setting is one of the most important.  This level affords participants the opportunity to learn how to set and pursue their own goals.  This will provide participants with a greater sense of purpose, direction, and motivation in their lives.

14+ Age Level Classes This age level participant will learn about wellness, diversity, building go-to teams, and conflict management.

Ace Level The Ace Level offers advanced instruction and practice in many of the Golf and Life Skills introduced in previous levels.  Ace focuses on personal planning and reinforces interpersonal communication, self-management, goal-setting, self-coaching, and resilience skills that were applied in the earlier levels learned in The First Tee Life Skills Experience as they prepare for life after high school.