Participant Of The Week: Graeme P.

Graeme is a 4th-grade student at Ocean Bay Elementary. He enjoys hanging out with friends, watching baseball with his dad, and playing with his Yo-Yo. 

Graeme was in the program during the spring season of 2019. Fortunately, after a couple seasons away, we were excited to welcome Graeme back into the program this past season! His favorite core value is kindness.

During the final session of the season Graeme displayed an extraordinary act of Sportsmanship. Coach Eddie was conducting their putting qualifications for our 2nd annual Drive it, Chip it, Putt it Competition. Graeme went first, and earned a pretty high point total, as did the second participant who went after him. The third participant didn’t do as well as he had hoped, and got upset with himself and the situation. Coach Eddie went over to talk to that participant, and before he could even get a word out, Graeme speaks up and says “Coach Eddie, can I give him some of my points?”

“First Tee helps me with golf and meet new friends” — Graeme P.